Lea Ceramiche @ Coverings 2022.

由Ferruc杰作集合cio Laviani rewarded at the 2021 ADA.

A nomination to be proud of.

Anthology selected by ADI among the products of the best Italian design.


Materials, colours, and creativity combine to form a ceramic alphabet with which to compose design masterpieces


A journey of the senses through the material that starts from the ostentatious graphic and chromatic richness of marble to arrive at ceramic surfaces with an unmistakable personality.

Slimtech Easy.

The first dry laying installation system without the use of adhesives certified with Slimtech Plus, superior quality ultra-thin ceramic slabs.


Antibacterial floors and wall coverings

We are increasingly conscious about health and safety in all the choices we make in our daily lives. We want to be sure that we’re protecting what we love – but if we really want to do this, we need to start at home.


Is a new and astonishing collection of ideal ceramic stone resulting from the calibrated fusion of numerous extraordinary natural references.

Aréna Business Campus
The Aréna Business Campus in Budapest is comprised of 72,000 sq m of offices: four buildings with an impressive interior garden and a pedestrian area that give the space a unique and relaxing atmosphere.
Endless Landscape
“Colour and material are the foundation of my work and every time I find it fascinating to venture into new projects and research endeavours."
Lea Ceramiche @ Coverings 2022
由Ferruc杰作集合cio Laviani rewarded at the 2021 ADA
A window onto Paris.
TEMPORARY LAB, the Lea Ceramiche showroom, returns to Paris.
ADI Design Index 2021.
A nomination to be proud of
Anthology collection, selected for the 2021 ADI Design Index, is in the running for the next edition of the Compasso D’Oro.
Cersaie 2021. Color, materials and surfaces.
Textured elements, colour and creativity were the alphabet through which Lea Ceramiche explored design at the Cersaie 2021.
Lea Ceramiche @ Cersaie 2021
Panariagroup Masterplan. Hall 30, Booth A28 B27
“Principe Amedeo 5 Milano” project is among the finalists of the Mies van der Rohe Award.
Project by Vittorio Grassi & Partners with tiles by Lea Ceramiche
Share places, desires, ideas
An online consulting service, granting a precise response by qualified professional advisers to develop and realize projects using Lea Ceramiche products
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